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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SwiftCurrent Connect?

The telecommunications subsidiary of Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services; our mission is delivering high-speed fiber internet service to rural residents in PPCS’ service territory.

What makes SwiftCurrent Connect different from any other telecom company?

We’re owned and operated by your friends and neighbors. We live in the community where we work and we’re excited to bring this essential service to our community. We provide reliable, affordable high-speed internet service to rural residents in the counties we serve.

Why fiber?

It’s reliable, durable and it’s future-proof – this technology will be functional/operational today, tomorrow, and beyond without additional investments to upgrade.

What internet speeds will be offered?

SwiftCurrent Connect offers packages from 250/250 Mbps up to our stop speed of 2/2Gbps. Upload and download speeds are symmetrical, meaning you’ll have the same speed in both directions. Packages are available for both residential and business; residential packages starting at $74.95.

Why does upload speed matter?

Upload speed affects things like Facetime calls with your grandkids, Zoom calls with your colleagues, and submitting assignments to your instructors, to name just a few. With SwiftCurrent’s symmetrical speeds, your download and upload speeds will be equal. You’ll have the same horsepower whether you’re streaming a movie or submitting that final presentation to your boss.

How will the fiber get to me?

The fiber lines will follow PPCS’ current construction: overhead lines will have overhead fiber; underground lines will have buried fiber.